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Die Kölner Stadtspitze ist hin- und hergerissen. Einerseits will sie sich nicht im Nachhinein zum Komplizen Kaiser Wilhelms des II. machen. Andererseits will sie die Türken nicht verärgern. Wie schafft sie diesen Spagat?

Die kölsche Lösung lautet: Zum Gedenken an das Mordgeschehen im Ersten Weltkrieg wird das Mahnmal aufgestellt. Danach wird es wieder abgebaut.



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I wanted my son to reject masculine stereotypes. Then he fell in love with tractors

After turning 2 years old, my son, Avishai, started demanding that he only wear tractor shirts, and my mind spiraled into darkness. I catastrophized worst-case scenarios, imagining a world where he fell for everything stereotypically manly. I envisioned him on a football field, barreling through mega-muscled opponents. Imagined him waxing a sports car on a warm summer day. I have always judged other guys who seemed boxed in by masculinity, but 3 ½ years ago, when I became a stay-at-home dad, my bias skyrocketed.

My son was born in Albany, New York, on the bedroom floor of the apartment I shared with my wife. Minutes after his arrival, we took turns cuddling him against our bare chests. While the midwife and her assistant cleaned up, my wife, always one to joke, even soon after giving birth, bragged that she had a connection to our new baby that I could never attain because men couldn’t bond with babies like women could.
I held resentment that so much of society acted as if dads couldn’t care for their kids (therefore putting pressure on women for the brunt of the caregiving) — but I too looked at dads that way. I shuddered at jokes about men being incapable of figuring out how to work a diaper, yet I felt most couldn’t. I became even more of an avid stereotyper: I grimaced at anyone driving a Ford car, the John Wayne of automobiles. I hated men who wore plaid. Felt ill if someone mentioned a wrench or another tool. When my mom-in-law bought Avishai a coverall with footballs on it, I shoved it into the depths of his closet, never to be found.
After his employees started selling home-manicure sets as a side hustle, my father spent nights sitting at the kitchen counter beautifying his nails.
In many ways, I am an extension of my father, further pushing what is acceptable for men. Once my son could walk, I paraded him through the park while he rolled his baby doll down the sidewalk in its stroller. I felt accomplished because he mirrored being a caretaker.

But then came the tractors. It started with YouTube. On days I was especially drained, I’d sit Avishai in front of the TV and click on “Little Baby Bum.” He fell in love with the tractor songs, and I was so worn, I didn’t care. When he asked to watch clips of construction equipment, I mindlessly pressed play. But when he demanded the shirts, I felt like I failed him. I pride myself on blurring gender lines. I wanted him to, also.

I had to make a choice: buy him clothes with pictures of heavy machinery on them and make the kid happy, or force him to wear shirts emblazoned with fuzzy animals to appease me.

Nothing came naturally to me, and my father stared over my shoulder as I worked, frustrated because I measured window treatment dimensions differently than he would have. My body spiraled into panic any time I attempted manual labor.

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Ich wollte auch schon immer einen jüdischen Schnipel, um mich von meinen Komplexen zu befreien, danke WELT...

Based & Redpilled

Pinochet the 2nd
Ich wollte auch schon immer einen jüdischen Schnipel, um mich von meinen Komplexen zu befreien, danke WELT...
Wie soll das gehen? Bekommt die erst einen Penis und dann eine Beschneidung? :don`t do it goyim:



Kaum in Worte zu fassen , wie sie Weiße zu cucks erziehen wollen.
Inhalte werden sexualisiert. Und die Weiße dabei unterdrückt.
Man stelle sich vor sie würden die Rollen tauschen.